3 Reasons Your Business Should Use a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for over 200 million business professionals looking for opportunities to network, share ideas and seek out new career opportunities. Being the world’s largest professional social network, LinkedIn should be on every insurance agent’s marketing radar and become an integral part of the agency’s social media strategy. Not convinced? Here are three reasons your company should use a LinkedIn Company Page:

Reason #1: Expand your reach and brand awareness

With millions of LinkedIn users actively searching and updating their profiles with company information, there is potential for some of them to click on your company’s page through another user’s profile or article and then add your LinkedIn Company Page and begin following your company. This is your opportunity to make a positive impact by offering useful, relevant content, positioning your agency as an established and trusted source of information. By using your page to promote your insurance lines, you increase brand awareness for your agency.

Reason #2: Search Engine Optimization

As an agency you want to increase your visibility across the web so that more and more users become aware of your products and services. In order to become more visible, you need to show up in search results and your LinkedIn Company Page can help. Not only do LinkedIn Company Pages appear in search results, but they also appear on Twitter, and of course also within LinkedIn’s own search engine searches. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you are simply missing out on these optimization opportunities.

Reason #3: LinkedIn Generates Leads

Would you be surprised if I told you that LinkedIn generates the highest visitor-to-lead conversion ratio among all social media platforms? According to a recent study done by HubSpot, it was found that LinkedIn generated a conversion rate of 2.74%, which was almost three times greater than Facebook (.77%) or Twitter (.69%). The fact is, more and more users are using social media to help make purchasing decisions for all products and services, including insurance.

To leverage LinkedIn you should:

  • Post timely content, relevant to your customers’ needs
  • Monitor likes, shares and comments to determine what resonates best
  • Post compelling calls to action (CTAs) to drive users to landing or product page
  • Refresh content regularly and invest time in growing your presence on LinkedIn

So there are our 3 reasons why your business should use a LinkedIn company page. Convinced? We hope you are, and the next time you are on LinkedIn, check us out!

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